Swim to the heart of the ocean, fending off deep sea creatures with your trusty sword. What waits in the deep?


  • fast, dynamic old school gameplay inspired by Ecco the Dolphin
  • Multiple enemy types each with their own attack patterns and weaknesses
  • 25 levels of aquatic action
  • A plucky swordfish with a charge attack and nothing to lose.

Works best with a controller, but can be played with a keyboard arrow keys and z/x. Download for the best performance.


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great game, solid all the way through. i especially like the ending.


Thank you! So glad you enjoyed the game!

Very cool!  Makes me miss Ecco, and that's high praise! Thanks for the birthday link!


Thanks so much Tom. Hope you had a good birthday!

That's one of the best Pico-8 I ever played. Congratulations ! I finished it in 14 minutes and 6 death ^^

That's great! I'm really happy you enjoyed it. Well done for getting a good time and score!

Love the art of this game but maybe lacks a bit of story?  I feel like I am just killing innocent sea creatures :P

Glad you like the art! Yes the story is something like: '...an evil lurks at the heart of the ocean and is spreading pollution that has driven all the sea creatures insane...' or something like that. You can now play guilt free :)

Whew, now I won't lose anymore sleep over this! Thanks!  :)

9 minutes and 0 deaths is enough to get 3 stars on both scores. And is easier than you think.

congratulations! That is a very good score. Though I've seen it done in under 6 minutes 😊

Made a video 


This is great! Thank you for making a video! It is so good to see people playing the game . Looks like you had fun, even though the controls are hard to get a grip with. In the next update I'm going to make the dash attack easier (so you can just tap rather than hold). Great video guys!

The game was really good and I was surprised from how much content was in the game. I saw that there were 25 levels and multiple enemies but didn't expect the enemies were that diverse and that there was a final boss at the end of the game. Changing the dash from a charge to a tap will change the game play somewhat but I think it should make the game easier. Happy you got something from our video and looking forward to what you will make next.


thanks for your comments! I'm glad you enjoyed how much I tried to squeeze in!

Hello! I loved your game, it was superbly done in sound effects and over all design and was super fun to play! I made a let's play of your game here~

This is fantastic! Thank you so much. I love your Let's Play.

You're welcome! I'm super glad you enjoyed it :D

Fun game and great pixel art!

Thanks so much! It is the first pixel art I've attempted but i'm happy with how it turned out.

The game is beautiful! How do people make such great pixel art?

Well the constraints of 8x8 sprites mean you have to be creatively abstract, so its more forgiving. Also, put a black border around everything and it looks better haha!

I'll be sure to try that.

I know that the black border comment might have just been something small to make your art look better, but it has made my art much much better. Thanks!

Pleased to hear it. I think it helps the sprites 'pop' and look distinct

Sweet looking ! Very smooth game, mate !

Thank you!