Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! You better clean these dishes! I want to SEE MY FACE IN THEM! Push dirty dishes through clean water and place them on the black trolleys to win. You are done once everything is clean and tidy and back in its right place.


  • 14 pulse pounding pot wash puzzles
  • Super simple Sokoban style gameplay
  • Dirty Dishes
  • Buckets of Bubbly Water
  • Convoluted Crockery Cupboards


  • Move - Keyboard controls
  • Z - Undo Move
  • R - Reset Puzzle

Made with Stephen Lavelle's incredible PuzzleScript tool

Published May 04, 2018
AuthorHaunt Pun
Made withPuzzleScript
Tagsdishes, niceandtidy, Pixel Art, PuzzleScript

Development log


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This is a fun game despite the fact I hate doing the dishes.

Im glad you enjoyed it!

I haven't finished the game yet, because I can only ever play it during the short 5 minutes I have for break between classes, but its pretty cool so far. The puzzles are interesting, and a lot more well developed than one might expect.

Great job!

Thank you very much! I am glad you like it. I think it should save your progress if you use the same browser, but I haven't tested it properly.

Good luck!