Skelliwags have taken over the graveyard and its up to Willo to kick them out!

Help little Willo sneak around, go 'woo' , blow out candles and get up to all sorts of spooky stealthy fun in this short stealth'n'spook-em-up


  • 8 action packed graveyards to spook about in
  • MGS style ranking system, can you get all 8 platinum medals?
  • Skelliwags, floating eyeballs, tombstones and occult pentagrams
  • One adorable little ghost, Willo


Move Willo
D-PadArrow keys
Get spookyBX

Game by @danhowardgames

Music and SFX by @gruber_music

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(44 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
TagsCute, Halloween, High Score, PICO-8, Pixel Art, Score Attack, Short, Skeletons, Spooky, Stealth


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I like this game a lot :))


Thank you!

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I saw this game in pico-8 and alredy played it

Nice game

Thanks! And great playthrough!

It was ab nice little puzzle game

Maximum spooky!!! (>o<)

You betcha!

this game is amazing and if any updates come i will be sure to play ty for the amazing gameplay 

Hey you are welcome! Glad you enjoyed the game :)

Really cute! Pretty deep stealth gameplay, too! : )

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked the game. I'd love to add even more stealth abilities at some point to make it even deeper!

Guuuuuuurl them spooky scary skeletons do be sendin' some shivers down my spine tho...

Hey! Thanks for the video. Well done on finishing the game and for your score!

It is always great to see someone playing your game, so thank you very much for sharing.

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It was a pleasure to play! You've made something wonderful. ;{D

i love the game!!!

thank you!

This is such a neat little stealth puzzler, the graphics are super cute too <3

Thank you! And thank you for playing.


I played your game

Thanks for playing. Glad you enjoyed it!

Dudes, as a stealth fan I'm completely in love with this game, its just so cute and works perfectly!


Thank you! I love stealth games too so that means a lot.


Thanks for this mini game. I did it with a final "Gold" sum. I have no enough passion to improve more than this, however... Great MGS inspired game, great atmosphere, super cute graphic (I love the ghost inside the tomb animation ^_^ )


Well done for getting gold overall! That's quite an achievement! And thank you for playing. I'm pleased with how much people like Willo. He is pretty cute!


Haha! Glad you are enjoying it! If you are finding it tough, try not to worry about score and make sure you use the checkpoints!


I gave up on platinum after stage 5 because it was so difficult.


Thank you for playing! Yes platinum is deliberately pretty tough. Well done for trying!


I watched your video and to get platinum you need to get all the candles AND never get spotted. On level 5 the eyeball keeps spotting you. If you stay out of its vision, you'll find platinum is much easier!

Really well done. Wonderful experience

Brilliant! Thank you for playing and thank you for your nice comment.


well, the game is great. thats all i can say.


that's great! That's all you need to say!

definetly one of the best pico 8 games out there, in par with celeste classic. Great job!

Thank you! In Pico8 terms there is no higher praise than that!

I featured your game on my video! Loved the pixelated art style and how easy it was to pick up and play. The ranking system is a great way to connect with an audience too! Thank you for your hard work!

Thank you so much for featuring Willo in your video! I'm very glad you enjoyed it. And well done on your silver medal!

Really enjoyed this. It would be nice if there was a way to quick restart levels when you're trying to increase your score.

so glad you enjoyed it! If you hit enter you can bring up a menu to restart the level. That way you can quickly restart if you're going for platinum.

I loved playing this game. It was really challenging and engaging. I loved the art and Willo is so cute. I played this on stream and made a highlight. Here it is if it's helpful to you or anyone who wants to play!

Thank you for the link! I really liked it. And thank you for playing the game on stream. So glad you enjoyed it. 

Cool but I got 3 bronze, would be much better if I had all gold. Also your website is marked as private, not sure if intended or not.

Thanks for playing! Yes it was an old link, removed now, thank you.

Very cool game!

Thank you, so glad you liked it!

the music for this is absolutely killer

Yes Gruber has done an amazing job. Go to for more


cute, nice and spooky :)

Thank you! I was aiming for all three of those things when I made it!

Gorgeous graphics, music, and gameplay. The quality of this game shows that great work and care were put into it!

Thank you! Certainly tried to get to feel as good to play as possible!

Cute, Spooky, and Extremely Polished. If you made this into a full length game I for one would play it a lot. Good job!

Thank you! I would love to turn this into a full game. I can imagine Willo having new abilities, new enemy types and so on!


This feels so polished, 10/10 would spook again!


Brilliant! Thank you so much for playing!




Great score! Glad you enjoyed the game!